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"Playing the piano is like conducting an orchestra. You can go from the soft, gentle tones of Claire de Lune to the riveting power of the opening chords to Phantom Of The Opera. You have the freedom to create and express an infinite number of moods, feelings and emotions based upon your own personal interpretation of the piece."    ~ Alan Ascher


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"Love ~ Piano Music for Romance"



forward_3.gif - (2K)Upcoming Live Performances:


Every Wednesday Morning 9-11AM

in the lobby at

Cedars Sinai Hospital

8700 Beverly Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90048

as part of the "Music for Healing" Program


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We want to express our appreciation for the music you offered in the Terrace Room of the Ritz-Carlton during a family dinner celebration. The music offered a calming, soothing and artistic influence into the evening which was so meaningful to us. I noticed the children at different times attending to the sounds, which, in itself, was an appreciated enrichment for their lives.

                                                                                     Mary Higgins

I love your music. There are no words to express the beauty of your musical talents, except to say, your selections of music, your passionate style of musicianship, exposed the true gifts your soul possesses. Just beautiful.

                                                                               Bernadette Burgos

Wow! Awesome! Beautiful! I'm speechless- lifting, soothing, dreamy, romantic-just lovely. I was very impressed with your selection of songs, too-all my favorites!

                                                                               B. Noak

Alan Ascher sits at the piano and plays every tune you have ever loved- one after the other. You find yourself humming in between bites of food.

                                                    Stanley Ralph Ross- L.A. Weekly

Your own display of exuberant joy and overt enthusiasm for your "work" communicates with the viewer-listener like nothing I've ever seen. I'm speechless, I'm impressed. I'm raving to all who will listen that they must not miss seeing you.  I dropped in by chance and stayed riveted to my seat for 3 full sets. Would've stayed longer if it had not been so late.

                                                                             Lorraine Zaler


Your CD is a masterpiece of beauty and emotion!!

                                                                     Michael Levine -   acclaimed celebrity Hollywood Publicist



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